I have over 15 years experience coding websites. I am mostly self-taught, with tuition and guidance from experienced developers as well as the web development community. I have completed various City Lit programming courses.

I can help with many aspects involved in creating a successful web presence - getting you up and running, to custom applications and design, right through to search engine and social media strategies.

I have an eye for accessibility and efficiency, helping you shape your content so that people can easily see what you offer. I specialise in bespoke systems, and have created niche, arts archives to slick, high-volume sales sites. I can help you select the right model for your content and audience, to create an easy-to-use, reliable experience for you and your users.

I work directly with designers and copywriters and can make recommendations.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL, Json and modern frameworks and workflow systems like Bootstrap and SASS.

I am involved in a number of long term web projects where I am responsible for maintenance and applying developmental design and functionality changes.

Bespoke Systems
I build bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) that are performance driven. When I create a bespoke system, I can streamline and make efficient the site by ensuring the only functions the site runs are ones the site needs. This improves performance at the user end, makes it more scalable and ready to adapt to increased traffic volumes, and makes the whole system much more manageable in terms of maintenance and updates. You should find it easy to run and your users will find it more responsive and reliable.

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